ROKANE is a recognized Swedish modular kitchen hardware brand

which is promoted by BENZ AND BAYER GROUP.

It concentrates on many core business such as furniture hardware , door hardware, modular kitchen fittings ,wardrobe fittings and decorative hardware fittings.

10 major functional departments
100-hundred professional elites
800㎡ marketing center
1200㎡ logistics center
100㎡ product research
development laboratories.

Through organic combination of ERP, CRM management system, trade exhibition platform and e-commerce platform O2O marketing mode, we provide full service to buyers and applicants from various countries and regions in the world.

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Our Process Our Process

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We first have to insinuate that how our prospect would give us a look if we try to put our thoughts in the area.



We then ideate the concept and turn it into a proper labyrinth to take it as a concrete prospect and then follow it.



It’s the time when we go through the actual labyrinth and give our artists a designation under the light.



The end section becomes the finishing and leads us to our arresting products that turn us delighted in our retrospection.

ProductsBest Selling Products

Best Selling Products

stainless steel telescopic normal 35 kgs
Stainless Steel Telescopic

Normal 35Kgs

Codes : 14001 to 14007
glass basket with soft close
Glass Basket

With Soft Close

Codes : 60013,60014

Glass Basket

With Soft Close

alloy panel slim box
Alloy Panel

Slim Box

Codes : 41001 to 41050

Alloy Panel

Slim Box

anti skid quality mat
Anti Skid Mat

Quality Mat

Codes : 4516, 4517

Anti Skid Mat

Quality Mat

Tandem Box

Spice Tray

Codes : 45015

Tandem Box

Spice Tray

Plate Partition


Codes : 4521s

Maximise your space

Increase efficiency

The kitchen is the center of the home. Your kitchen should not only be functional, but also wonderfully inviting. Our vast range of products provides innivative, Ingenuous and lipsmaaking solutions

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